₹389 crore Bihar dam collapses a day before inauguration : Poor Politics


What is happening in India can’t understand A portion of a ₹389 crore dam in Bihar’s Bhagalpur collapsed on Tuesday, a day before it was to be inaugurated by CM Nitish Kumar. Several low-lying areas were flooded as water from the collapsed dam rushed into residential areas in Kahalgaon. “The dam broke due to release of water in full capacity,” Minister of Water Resources Lallan Singh said. Corruption under every thing is very high.

Sorry all the Indian politicians are power mongers. Money chasersAs long as these
ruthless politicians are alive there is no hope for the people of India. No one can come to
our rescue.

In a shocking turn of events, the ₹389.31 crore worth Gateshwar Panth Canal Project, which was all set to be inaugurated by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, suffered a major blow as a part of the dam collapsed just 24 hours before the inaugural ceremony.

Stirring the administrative head, Minister of Water Resources, Lallan Singh said, “The dam broke due to the release of water in full capacity. The incident has not caused any damage to the newly constructed part of the project.”

Due to the unfortunate accident, the inauguration of the dam has been cancelled.

It is said, the Bateshwarasthan Ganga Pump Canal Project was prepared by the government under the irrigation scheme at Kahalgaon in Bhagalpur. ₹389.31 crore was spent on this scheme.

The Gateshwar Panth Canal Project is told to be very old and took a long time to complete the project.

The main purpose of making the dam was to collect water in the canal so that the farmers would not have to face any problem.



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