Best Honeymoon Places In India (List Of Romantic Honeymoon Places In India)

Best Honeymoon Places In India

Best Honeymoon Places In India: Marriages, the most living experience in life. This beautiful bond by the theory of love marriage or the arranged marriage. Going for the honeymoon is the fashion these days, earlier it was not that trendy especially in India. Spending personal moment with mate enhance the romance, flourishes more understanding, and helps in building trust among two unfamiliar people.

Best Honeymoon Places In India

Honeymoon turns on new phase among new companions after marriage to get close to each other. Establish love and romance newlyweds look for private moments. After royal marriages and traditional ceremonies, lovebirds get exhausted so need a long vacation to rest and to celebrate their new journey of togetherness.

Earlier going out with mate was not marked as the traditional even couple used to feel shy taking on such matters for personal life. However, now sharing the views about honeymoon travel trips is not that old fashion niche to discuss with the spouse. In fact, engaged couples nowadays start planning about honeymoon destinations so early.

List Of Romantic Honeymoon Places In India

Now, let’s scroll below and look ahead for Best Honeymoon Places In India which you can explore with your spouse. With your love mate, you can enjoy yourJammumoment so that your love story flourishes romance forever. After visiting such seductive Honeymoon Places In India.

Go Goa Gone


The smallest state of India is encircled with beautiful scenic locations. This state always exists in the List Of Romantic Honeymoon Places In India. Despite being the first choice for newlyweds couples Goa is well known for its parties and late night clubbing for bachelors too.  Even from the early ruling of Britishers Goa is one of the favorite travel destinations for richer rich people. Since from the period of colonial ruling Goa was previously known for its exotic beaches, bars, clubs, churches, and wildlife. With flourishing nature and modernity nowadays Goa is the hotspot choice to spend private moments like no other place.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The tropical love hub for newlyweds mates is one of the Best Honeymoon Places In India. Andaman and Nicobar rank in the list of union territories of India actually is a group of small islands in the Bay Of Bengal. These beautiful islands are the natural heritage of various kinds of flora and fauna so is considered in the choice of Romantic Honeymoon Places In India. Exploring these mother creation islands with your partner will melt your memories always later in life.

The Heavenly Heaven, Srinagar

The Heavenly Heaven, Srinagar

The crown destination of India is well known Romantic Places To Visit India for the honeymoon. The enchanting beauty of snowy mountains, misty grasslands, drizzling fog, creates a memorizing impression in lovebirds to get close to each other. The charm of Kashmir cuisines, native music, apple and flowering farms, local hand wool markets and freezing temperature attracts not only couples but also other travelers to explore the experience chilling vacations. Srinagar’s breathtaking natural beauty and peaceful environment. Srinagar is most popular Best Romantic Honeymoon Places In India.

Royal Honeymoon, Udaipur

Royal Honeymoon, Udaipur

Udaipur is the Venice of India. It is also the city of lakes. The wonderland of royal palaces, various lakes, is a colorful place to spend with your spouse. With the lavish luxuries, couples can enjoy the old fashion romance with rejuvenating amusement entertainment of puppet show, folk dance, and native singing, royal hotels, spas etc. Udaipur is one of the traditional gateway destinations for newlyweds and even attracts people for its colorful heritage worldwide. Among most preferred Honeymoon Places In India, Udaipur bond by.

The Canvas Of Love, Agra

The Canvas Of Love, Agra

The historical epitome of true love Taj Mahal is located in Agra. Despite this, Mughal city is well known for other nearby romantic locations. The chain of luxuries hotels, resorts and shahi cuisines is in the cue List Of Romantic Honeymoon Places In India.

The Mughal style architecture, the legendary sightseeing forts, and quilas will enhance the experience of Best Romantic Honeymoon Place In India.

The World Of Waterboats, Alleppy

The wavy wealth of backwater Alleppy is located on the southern coast of India is one of the beautiful and Romantic Places To Visit India. The earthy beauty of native villages, local market of exotic flavored spices, tropical toddy beverage, wooden small cruises like ship boats are some natural attractions in Alleppy. Visiting Alleppy and other places in Kerala will sparkle romance in young love birds so this travel destination is ranked among Best Romantic Honeymoon Places In India.

Drizzling Romance, Leh & Ladakh

Chilling temperature, peaceful environment, flying fog are some best experiences to get closer to your partner. The grandiosity of white fog, misty water drops, clouds with romantic roadways and hilly tracks will add more charm to the love story of newlywed couples. Exploring travel trip with the spouse to Leh Ladakh will turn the pages of nomad experiences with spiritual memories to monasteries, lakes and high mounts. Leh and Ladakh hold bundles of mesmerizing moments so is in the List Of Romantic Honeymoon Places In India.

Historic Honeymoon, Mysore

If you and your mate are travel bugs then trace travel pathways to Mysore, sets the perfect example to visit Honeymoon Places In India. Visiting famous Mysore Palace, Chamundi Temple, man-made Karanji lake, amusement gardens, parks, and wildlife sanctuary, local churches etc are some extraordinary places for honeymooners that establish romantic trance. Mysore, with such dynastic cultures, is one of the Romantic Places To Visit India.

The Scotland of India, Coorg

With the lavishing luxuries and pleasant environment, couples prefer this hilly calm location of Karnataka as Best Romantic Honeymoon Places In India. The natural scenic charm of plantations, animals, all the way along with waterfalls, streams, and rivers to the Western Ghats replenish romantic dairy of newlyweds.

Outstanding Ooty

To explore adventures, romance Ooty ranks among most visited Romantic Honeymoon Places In India. To caption everlasting private moments with your partner after celebrating marriage, Ooty sets perfect personal space for couples. Lovebirds can tuck love while exploring lakes, dam, waterfalls, refreshing breathtaking peak journey, Nilgiri forest, tea gardens, rose garden, shooting point, needle rock view, wildlife sanctuary are some local visiting destinations in Ooty. These adventurous exploring in Ooty rejuvenates love, peace, romance more with your partner.

Lake Pristine Aura, Nanital

Nanital always adds to the budget destination in the List Of Romantic Honeymoon Places In India. The word Nanital means, “Nine Lakes” is also common and cheap tourist places in India.  The hotels, resorts, trekking hills, amusement parks give core meaning to the enchanting world of Nanital that’s why this scenic hill station is one of the famous Honeymoon Places In India.

Heavenly Tawang

If you are really looking for something unique to explore as a honeymoon destination then choose Tawang a silent world in northeast part of India. Here you can enjoy delightful calmness with your lover while nomadic road trips, trekking, the scenic charm of flora and fauna emerald romance. Tawang is one of the peaceful Romantic Honeymoon Places In India.

Lovely Lakshadweep

Kerala is off coast islands of India in south-west coast. Kerala is one of the best Romantic Places to Visit India. If newlyweds are more fond of seashores island destination to caption private moments for the lifetime. Being sporty, romantic and naughty on beaches and shore with partner flourish love and romance. Here couples can spend quality time with their true mate. Indulging themselves in swimming, long walk near shores and can play water sports which makes their companionship more romantic.

Warmth In Shimla

The list of Honeymoon Places In India the if we won’t add Shimla as one of the Best Romantic Honeymoon Places In India. This earlier capital of Punjab is now one of the famous travel destination not only by couples but also other tourists.

The colonial building is a complete package for newlyweds mates and that’s why known as, “Queen of Hill Stations”.

 Memorising Manali

Manali is peaceful aura for couple. This beautiful and snowy destination is also on the cue List Of Romantic Honeymoon Places In India. The town enhances the mood for everlasting romance among lovers so is one of the Best Romantic Honeymoon Places In India.

 Mystique Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is the most beautiful love sight for honeymooning. This hill station in western ghats is precise will encounter romantic diary of lovebirds. The sunset point, the venna lake, table point are some featuring hotspots here. This evergreen forest destination is one of the Romantic Places to Visit India, especially when looking for honeymoon trips.

 Bollywood Dream, Khandala

This is like one of the new sightseeing for couples, located near Pune, Maharashtra. This is one of the heart-melting Romantic Places To Visit India for couples to nurture romance in Bollywood style. The eye-catching natural viewpoints, pleasant environment will cherish new story of love that. Why added to the List Of Romantic Honeymoon Places In India.

Mini Switzerland, Dalhousie

Those mates who are looking for the dreamy world of romance in the glance of soothing clouds, moderate temperatures, misty falls of fog, then Dalhousie gives a perfect picture of romance. Trekking, hiking, sloppy slides, mater art pieces from early British times are some captioning moments for lovebirds. Dalhousie is one of the Best Romantic Honeymoon Places In India.

Glorifying Gulmar

A enchanting town, located in the heaven of the earth, Jammu and Kashmir, is one of the pleasant. Peaceful Romantic Honeymoon Places In India. The scenic beauty, enjoyable climate, approachable meadows of flowers, orchards, Chikara in lakes exhibit adventurous romance. Among newlyweds couples who are looking for the romantic gateway to their love story.

With the lavashing luxuries and natural beauty these Romantic Honeymoon Places In India add more charm to the newlyweds journey. Here in these destinations you and your mate can experience auspicious bond together.


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