Best Snowfall Places In India | Uttarakhand Snowfall Places

Best Snowfall Places In India

Best Snowfall Places in India: India is considered as one of the most beautiful countries in the whole world. Inherited with diversity in every sphere, culture, food, language etc. Although, diversity is also bound by climate, physiographic regions.

Best Snowfall Places in India

With the increasing elevation the temperature decreases and drizzling beauty of snowy mountains. The scenic charm of melting snow, frozen glaciers, golden rays of the sun at peaks enhance the natural appeal. Hills and mountains are not only the part of northern India but also located in other regions of southern and eastern parts.

With the spread of world’ largest mountain chain Himalayas. If you really want to caption such astonishing beauty of frozen parts of India, the explore northern mountain regions, especially states of Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu and Kashmir. These three states are exclusively popular for their hill stations.

If you love to nomad and to explore mountains then you must visit India and especially these states. Here below down you can scroll Best Snowfall Places In India. So just, look for your favorite hill station, plan a chilling vacation with your family and friends. Just enjoy, after all, every explorer deserves a hot coffee at melting ice elevation.

Uttarakhand Snowfall Places

There are various places in India where we can see snowfall and which are listed as Best Snowfall Places In India such as Kashmir. Kashmir is known as paradise full of snow in India. Kashmir is the popular destinations for the visitors and for the mountain lovers. It is covered with a beautiful sheet of snow during the peak winters. North Sikkim, Manali, Gulmarg, Nainital, Ladakh, Auli, Patnitop, Narkanda, Roopkund trek, Shimla, Munsiyari, Almora, Katao, Tawang are the best places in India to enjoy the snowfall. India is the country where almost every climate can be enjoyed by the visitors. Tawang is situated in the Northeast and the main snowfall season is December and January. Along with the snowfall, there is 400 year old abbey as well as it is important to center for the Buddhists. Sikkim is also known as Switzerland of India.

Shimla is the hill station that is favorite for everyone to visit. Shimla is one of the heavily commercialized and popular hill station of North India. It is the best to place to visit during the winters. Shimla was earlier known to be summer capital of British India. There are many other places that are situated near Shimla like Kasauli, Chail, Mashobra, etc. These are also very famous places to be visited. We can enjoy snowfall, picturesque sceneries and pleasant weather that can never disappoint anyone. Roopkund trek is 9 10 days long trek that lies in the Garhwal Himalayas. It is a beautiful trek of snow as well as it is very challenging trekking. This lake remains the frozen throughout the year. Ladakh remains in the harsh condition for the whole year, especially during the peak winter. Chadar trek is very famous for the snowfall in this area.

Snowfall start from January mid 

It is a very challenging trek of around nine days. It generally starts from January mid. Only experienced ones can go on the trek. This trek is not for the novices it is only for the trekkers who are having experience in this field. Nanital is also a very famous tourist spot. It is the place where one can experience snowfall without any harsh climate. Nanital is full of beauty and there are various lakes in that place. Gulmarg is very famous for the skiing destinations as well as snot planet. It is situated in Jammu and Kashmir. Snowboarding can also be done at this place. Manali and Rohtang pass is famous for the adventurous activities such as mountaineering and trekking. Traffic jams and blockage is very usual at this place. This area is closed from January to April.

There are various famous snowfall places in Uttarakhand.

Chopta Tunganath Deoria Tal

It is one of the most beautiful and amazing places in Uttarakhand where visitors visit to play with snow. The pleasant weather and enchanting nature add this place to the list of Best Uttarakhand Snowfall Places. This place is located 450 km apart from Delhi. If one starts their journey from Delhi during the daytime, they can reach up to evening there and can enjoy snowfall next day. Here the snow is found until the end of April. The peak time to visit this place is December to late March.

Chakrata  Chilmiri  Kanasar  Deoband

Chakrata  Chilmiri  Kanasar  Deoband is also the Best Snowfall Places In India to visit for the snowfall. It is 320 kilometer from Delhi and about 2100 Mtrs from altitude. Deoband is one of the closest places from Delhi where snow is found. You can travel towards Dehradun or reach there via Vikasnagar and can even cover Mussoorie over 3 day trip to Chakrata. Chakrata is the town and it can be assessed by Nahan route. There are various forests also on this route.

Kanatal  Chamba  Dhanaulti

It is another Uttarakhand Snowfall Places snowy hill station of misty pleasure and peaceful surroundings. Here you start nomad with the overnight journey from Delhi where snowfall is generally found during winters or in peak winters during January. The route to visit this place is from Delhi Dehradhun Dhanaulti route Chamba route and then final destination Kanatal. It is 300 km from Delhi. It is also the nearest place from Delhi. The route is less than Chakrata. One temple is also situated near the Kanatal and known as Surkanda Devi temple. The route to this temple is mostly covered with snow. If one wants to reach the top of the temple there is a trek of 3 4 kilometer but it is not so hard trek. The road is opened.

Landour  Nag Tibba
Snowfall Time In Uttarakhand

This hill station is situated in Uttrakhand where snowfall can be enjoyed in four months namely December, January & February or even mid March. Landour is an easy 8 9 Hours get up and go from Delhi through Mussoorie or individual can take overnight Volvo to Dehradun and then go over to Mussoorie by a taxi from where Landour is just about 40 kilometer away. Sometimes snow is also found in Landour, but in case of snow is not found there then one has to drive to Devalsari village from land or from where the trek towards Nag Tibba is about 13 kilometer. Trek is fully covered with snow. Landour is quite cherishing hill station and quite pleasuring travel designation in Uttarakhand Snowfall Places.

Amazing Auli
Snowfall Time In Uttarakhand

Auli is one of the most famous places in Uttarakhand that is near Delhi. It is 510 kilometer from Delhi. It is not so famous Ski destinations in the Himalayas. One has to make a plan for the four days to travel to Auli. Auli is very famous for the ski slopes.

It is numerous eras winter games in India are held up there in Auli. If one is interested in the learning the course of skiing then they can register for a course in Auli that starts in January. One can find snow or snowfall at Auli. In the winter months of January to mid March and snow up to mid April types.

If one wants to visit Auli the route starts from Joshimath that follows the Rishikesh  Dev Prayag Karn Prayag and then at destination Joshimath. The road to this route is very narrow. It is about 16 kilometer. But in peak season road is covered with snow as well as with traffic jams. Another option to reach the destination is 4 kilometer long cable car that is only the option left to reach Auli from Joshimath. It takes almost 20 minutes for one side route.

This is a small chilling city in Uttarakhand, also known as Auli Bugyal. Auli means, “meadow”. This small hill station is one of the popular snow game destination. For playing ski, Auli is considered as famous Uttrakhand Snowfall Places, located at the elevation between 8,200 ft to 10,010 ft. Although Auli is also marked as pilgrimage destination Badrinath. Here you can rejuvenate best every vacation in the month of November, February till hot June. Here travelers can enjoy the ride, camping, trekking, skiing etc.

Melting Munsiyari, Uttarakhand

Munsiyari is an offbeat snow place in India. This place is the small town that is located at the base of Himalayas. It is also known as little Kashmir due to its enchanting beauty and due to surroundings of raw material. But with an increase in the tourism sector, it is gaining popularity. Madkot, Darkot and Thamari Kund are the places to be visited. Madkot is especially known for the hot water springs that are true blessings in the freezing winters. Munsiyari is also flattering very popularity between climbers, explorers, who use it as their base camp.

This drizzling town of Uttarakhand situated in the foothills of Himalayas at the altitude of 2, 200 meters above the sea level. This is in fact, one of the exact Uttarakhand Snowfall Places on the river bank, Goriganga. This small town nowadays is growing tourist destinations which holds ancient trekking salt tracks to Tibet. The enchanting nature of mountain range, frozen glaciers etc are best exploring places for trekkers, mountain climbers to nomad new experiences. Munsiyari also encircled with various species of flora and fauna which springs more memorizing moments. This peaceful scenic place is listed in Best Snowfall Places In India.

Aspirating Almora, Uttarakhand
Uttrakhand Snowfall Places

Almora is generally known for its rich heritage, culture and splendid views of mountains. Almora is a hill place that is situated in Uttarakhand as well as it entices travelers from all over the world. It claims of consuming some foreign implication as well. It is attractive milieus and the panoramic sights of the Himalayas entice thousands of sightseers every year. Kausani and Ranikhet are very famous for snowfall as well as a very popular hill station. It is very close to Almora where the view of the mountain is breathtaking. Winters at this place is very severe. But due to snowfall, it is becoming a very famous destination for the tourist. If one wants to visit this place they should carry plenty of warm clothes with them. This scotch mist heaven is also one of the popular Uttarakhand Snowfall Places.

Fascinating Nanital, Uttrakhand
Snowfall Time In Uttarakhand

The common hill station lies in the outer Himalayas Uttarakhand with the elevation of 6, 837ft from sea level. Word Nanital means, “The Eye Of Lakes” which holds 9 lakes in the cue. The beautiful hill station is also termed as, “Glittering Jewel In The Himalayan Necklace”. This lake heaven destination is melted your heart at the time of snowfall. This marshy hill station is one of the oldest Uttrakhand Snowfall Places with many other visiting places such as lakes, zoo, Tibetian market, cave gardens, Tiffin top, peaks, mall road etc. Most of the visitors are coming in the month of April to June then September to October. Although the pleasant temperature of Nanital exists throughout the year.

Snowfall Time In Uttarakhand

Devanagari, Uttrakhand was the former part of Uttar Pradesh. It is a place of in the Northern region of India. Above we have mentioned few of the Best Snowfall Places In India, especially of the state Uttarakhand. If we talk about northern part of Uttarakhand in particular then this diverse state holds not only tourist destinations but also well known pilgrimage place too. The best Snowfall Time In Uttarakhand starts from December and ends in the mid march. At some places, it also ends in starting April.

Best Time To Visit Uttarakhand

If one wants to travel to Uttarakhand the best time to travel in summer. Summers are generally favorable if one wants to plan the trip to Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand is one of the topmost traveler and most divine journey terminuses in India that attracts a lot of explorers and aficionados from all parts of India as well from the globe. The snowcapped mountains, glamorous hill places, and emerald forests practice the main high point of the Uttarakhand. It is the most favorable seasons to visit hill stations in Summer. The Best Time To Visit Uttarakhand especially when you are fond of snowy peaks and want to enjoy chilling chanting environment of such divine place is winters only.


Seasons Months Temperature

Summers March to June 20°c  35°c

Monsoon July to Sep 15°c  25°c

Winter Oct to Feb 3°c  15°c


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