gold plated iPhone X has been offered by firm at over ₹2 lakh


London-based luxury gift and customisation company Goldgenie is selling the newly launched iPhone X in a gold plated version at the price of ₹2,37,000 (256 GB) and ₹2,28,000 (64 GB). The company presents the customised iPhone X in a Cherry Oak box to its customers. Goldgenie is also offering iPhone X in Rose Gold, diamonds studded, and Platinum version.

The overpriced, and mostly unnecessary iPhone X is what happens when the elite stop caring about appearances and start producing products expressly for the rich. Therefore, it only makes sense that, if you’re going to have a fuck-you iPhone, you might as well have the fuck-you iPhone case as well.

Meet the iPhone X Elite 24k Gold Edition. Yes, it’s covered in actual gold, not just the color.

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