Pay Rent Apartment South Korea

How to Pay Rent of a apartment in South Korea
How to Pay Rent of a apartment in South Korea

Paying rent in South Korea isn’t as simple as composing a check. American military who live off course need to experience a couple of ventures so as to pay lease to their Korean Landlord. It appears vomplicated at to begin with, yet turns out to be only something or other you need to fo to live there. Here are my tips on how American military can pay lease in South Korea.

How to Pay Rent of a apartment in South Korea

So it’s the finish of the month, time to pay the lease again and for my companions who don’t dwell in Korea or have any thought what paying the lease here involves… here is the thing that you have to think about paying rent in South Korea.


Why There is a PROCESS in the First Place

American officers can’t simply give a check to their Korean National landowner to pay their month to month lease in South Korea. Americans get paid in USD while Korean landowners/rental specialists lean toward Korean WON. Here is a layout of the month to month process.

1. Screen the Dollar to Won trade rates

In the first place, every single American warrior should screen the Dollar to Won trade rates towards the finish of consistently… endeavoring to get it when the dollar is the most grounded against the Won. We utilize the application xe cash, however they all basically work the same. When we’ve chosen the greatest day.

This isn’t scientif by any methods. Its about perception and educated “speculating”.

2. Pull back THE MONEY

I’ll go to the bank, pull back the cash in dollars.

The banks don’t offer the best swapping scale. The rates are posted every day. A few people favor ATM withdrawals, we don’t for USD however improve the situation Korean WON.

Make a point to just get expansive bills on the grounds that…


My cash changer inclines toward them. You gotta make him cheerful right?? Cash changers resemble nail and excellence salons… once you locate a decent one you turn into a steadfast client. They additionally screen the trade rates and statement you a cost where they can likewise profit on the exchange as well. (Keep in mind the racket is in full impact)

Quickly– this is my own conviction with respect to how the Korean government swells business insights.

Different illustrations are there are usially two look at people at market windoes and huge amounts of individuals coordinating activity into shopping mslls and carports.

A couple of us joke that he’s the just a single you can consult with and that he’s the front for a substantial obligation illegal tax avoidance association since we need to call him on his phone becsuse he doesn’t keep normal available time.

He’s not Korean and his English is more awful than my Ancient Egyptian. He doesn’t sit in his office throughout the day. We’re JUST joshing IRS individuals in case you’re perusing this– you folks have no comical inclination.

4. Consult with the cash changer

They are there to profit, yet you would prefer not to be their sucker. Make ure you query the swapping scale BEFORE you go. They’ll have a rate posted. Ensure he prints out his BEST rate. Endeavor to get as near your trade as you can.

TIP #1… The more cash you trade the more use you have over the rate.

TIP #2… Don’t be inconsiderate, simply firm and direct.

I went to a similar cash changer once per month for a long time. Some days he was exceptionally pleasant, he strolled me to my auto since he adored my Jeep. He additionally kept a refrigerator loaded with yummy yogurt drinks.

In the event that I got one, it was either a commonly useful rate or he showed signs of improvement bargain. In the event that he didn’t offer me one– I did. I can recollect a couple of times leaving with just the money.

5. PAYING THE RENT to your rental specialist

Presently you at that point take that money to your rental specialist, alongside your record… paradise help you if don’t get a receipt for your installment.

TIP#3… This is the place its imperative to fo businesd with a real estate broker you trust.

The genuine operators manage so much money, they stack it into the money counter and confirms the sum. You both sign and consent to meet the next month.

So since we pay lease in the neighborhood cash, we ordinarily never pay a similar sum twice. Straightforward right?


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