Step by Step Guide of Search Engine Works

Step by Step Guide of Search Engine Works

Step by Step Guide of Search Engine Works: How Does Search Engine Works: Either put the URL of the website which you need to surf or search your query directly on the Search engine such as Google and got a long list of web pages having the best possible answer to your Query!

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Step by Step Guide of Search Engine Works

But have you ever wondered how the Google is able to understand the query and give you the best possible result to you?

To understand How Does Search Engine Works you need to know how actually a search engine works.

How Does Search Engine Works

There are three basic stages Involved in it:

Crawling: where content is discovered;
Indexing: where it is analyzed and stored in huge databases; and
Retrieval: where a user query fetches a list of relevant pages.


To know How Does Search Engine Works the first step in the process; crawling your website means scanning of your site and getting complete information what is in it. Like the page title, images, keywords it contains, and any other pages it links to.

Modern crawlers may cache a copy of the whole page, as well as look for some additional information such as the page layout, where the advertising units are, where the links are on the page etc.

SO you may wonder how actually Google scans or crawls your website?

An automated bot- also known as ‘spider’ or ‘robot’ – visits each page, on the website very quickly

Step by Step Guide of Search Engine Works
How Does Search Engine Works

and crawls your website and

link attached to it.

Let’s check how you can see when the last time Google has crawled your website.

For this, you have to open your browser and write a code just “cache: and your URL name.”

For example, you want to check when the last time Google crawled your website, write this code to the URL –
It will show the date and time when Google crawled your website.

How search engine works step by step


So after Google has crawled your datait places all the data in huge (computer files full of information). You can relate it to by assuming you are in a bookstorewatching every book in the shop.

This will be crawling but if you start writing name and author by creating a data that will be calledas indexing.

All the data of google is stored in huge data centers with thousands of (quadrillion bytes) worthof drives.

Check which of your URL’s are indexed?
Write this code in the search box

This will fetch every page which is Indexed by Google.

Here’s a peek inside one of Google’s search data centers:

Step by Step Guide of Search Engine Works
How search engine works step by step

Image Credits: Google


Here search engines fetch and display the most relevant documents

Step by Step Guide of Search Engine WorksIt finds that matches the user’s query from its vast database.

Algorithm of Google checks your search query from billions of pages to determine how relevant each one is.

Search engines use algorithms to sort the results and try to place the web pages which are most valuable to you at the top of the page.

Very complex and complicated process that companies like

Google guard their own ranking algorithms as patented industry secrets because if some other will know its algorithm they will try to hack it or exploit it for monetary gain.

Also to avoid these Google always brings updates in his algorithm. Google Panda and Google Penguin are some Important updates of Google.

Get more Insights in this Video.

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