The Saddest Christmas Tree In The World?


The Saddest Christmas Tree In The World?: Pluck just about any Christmas song off FM radio, and you’ve got a decent shot it’ll be praising the good qualities of a tree — a beautiful yuletide pine with “lovely” branches, say, or with happy campers rockin’ around it. In other words, singers usually try to avoid comparing their Christmas tree to a toilet brush.

The Saddest Christmas Tree In The World?

But then, there’s little that’s typical about the big tree now standing in one of Rome’s busiest plazas. Nicknamed Spelacchio — roughly “mangy” or “balding” in Italian — the Christmas tree has attracted joke/(making fun of something) on social media for its long arms, patchy pine needles and such an upsetting amount of air between its branches, one need not squint too hard to catch its likeness with a certain bathroom cleaning device.

Oh, and here’s the other thing: It appears to be dead already.


City people in charge brought across the sad news to local media Monday, confirming to Corriere Della Sera what many onlookers had already feared: The tree, which was set up in the Public square Venezia at a reported cost of more than $55,000, is completely rootless and beyond saving at this point.”

The suppliers who sent the tree, for their part, firmly dismissed any role on the tree’s sadly early end, saying that at the beginning it was “in excellent health.”

“We do not point the finger at anyone,” their spokesman Stefano Cattoi told the paper, “but something happened to that tree, it’s obvious.

The city expects to open an (act of asking questions and trying to find the truth about something).

Is This The Saddest Christmas Tree In The World?

There is, of course, that toilet brush we were talking about.  Or Bernie, of Weekend at Bernie’s fame.

But maybe the cruelest comparison is with another Christmas tree nearby, the full-bodied pine in a bold, obnoxious way showing it offs wellbeing from the Vatican.

Rome’s Christmas tree, nicknamed Spelacchio, stands side by side in this composite with the tree standing in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican.
Alessandra Tarantino/AP

At any rate, the suffering (in sadness) for Spelacchio has already begun. Some clever fans scheduled a funeral for the tree on Christmas — though that (formal, special event or series of actions) appears canceled at the moment — and others suffered (from a loss) with a musical number.

All this to say what a song never could: Rest in peace, sweet tree.


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